Exercising on the mend: approaching fitness despite the flu

Exercising on the mend
Working out on the mend

COLUMBUS – The flu is making its way across central Ohio and in a big way this season.

2020年欧洲杯预测There have been an increase in hospitalizations, absentees from schools and in over-the-counter sales this season, according to Dr. Mysheika Roberts, health commissioner for the City of Columbus.

For people on the mend or dealing with mild cases of illness, Dr. Roberts says exercise 2020年欧洲杯预测can play a big role in the recovery process, as long as it’s gone about in the right way.

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“You have to know your body and you know, just like you’re tired sometimes and don’t feel like working out, if you’re sick, you will know if you don’t feel like working out,” Dr. Roberts said. “If you are having trouble breathing, um, and you’re sneezing a lot and you’re feverish, chances are you don’t feel like running a 5k or going on the treadmill. You’re just not up to that.”

But for those who are ready, Dr. Roberts tells 10TV that people who exercise through recovery can see an increase in their immune system, reduced chances of getting sick again, boosted energy and even improved mood.

2020年欧洲杯预测To find out the smartest way to approach fitness during mild illness or in that recovery stage, 10TV talked with Bryana Ross, the health and wellness manager for the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department.

“Whatever you were doing before, like walking or if you’re a runner, maybe just taking it down to walking so that way you’re just easing your body back into it,” she said. “You don’t want to jump right back into what you were doing before you got sick but ease into walking. If you were doing high-intensity activities, maybe extend the break time between each activity instead of trying to go super-fast through the routines and then maybe lowering the intensity and the impact so if you’re doing jump squats or burpees or pushups, maybe just taking out those jumps and the impact of it and just doing a straight squat or something of that nature.”

2020年欧洲杯预测Ross also suggests loading up on proper nutrients and staying hydrated to assist in the recovery.

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